A completely personalised service, available when your company needs it most. Should you need a few hours a week, or up to 20 hours, also only for short missions.

The price is also depending on your specific needs.

PER HOUR:  from 25€/hr

RETAINER FEE: from 125€ 

MISSIONS: to be defined


Secretarial professional for more than 15 years in international environments, I support managers in their decision-making.

I have worked with different regions and well aware of the cultural challenges in international business, import-export specificities.

Some of the countries I have worked with: France, Spain, Luxembourg, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, UK, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Jordania, India, China, Singapore, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Guatemala, Tunisia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mauritius, New Zealand.

Special focus on international business


At the starting point, after a conversation with you (20 to 50 min), I’ll prepare a report on the current situation and the needs to be covered.

The work is done 100% online, without the need to dedicate space and offline resources.

I use transparent and accessible time monitoring and work process tools for you.

All the information handled is in a safe and encrypted place only accessible to you.

All is in compliance with RGPD.