Alexandrine T


I am a vocational virtual Executive Assistant, (trilingual French-English-Spanish). I enjoy my job, because I chose to help managers worldwide reach their goals. It works and it’s done 100% remotely.

What defines me: Passionate / Problem Solver / Fire Fighter / Service oriented / Constantly willing to learn / Team player / Saavy / Nice / Super positive in any situation / C-Level communication

I provide online support for companies, startups and managers as PA, EA, Marketer, Researcher, Business Development, dealing with all the areas of their business.

My clients are global, and I did travel myself worldwide for business purposes. I have an international mindset and global trade is in my DNA.

I work hard on identifying and reaching out partners/clients/vendors/staff to get insight on multidisciplinary industries helping my clients gain invaluable time and insights into innovative topics.

Some of the managers that have trusted me so far: 3Dots and Content (Spain) French Investor (Estonia) HomeforaHome (CA, USA) Connect Research Group (NY, USA) French American Chamber of Commerce (USA), 3Dots and Co (Spain), Air Global Media (Spain&Global), 75Percent (Spain), The ABN Group International (NY/MiddleEast), Zadig&Voltaire (France), Datasocial (Spain), By Luma (Dubai)

Some of the tools I use on a daily basis: Linkedin (recruiter, sales navigator), Slack, Trello, Gsuite, Office365, Zoom, Skype, Appear, Whereby, Hangout..., Loom, Excel advanced level, Constant Contact, CRMs (Agile, Salesforce, Hubspot..), marketing & sales, Basic quickbook (xero, quipu...), Toky, Twilio, GVoice...

Alexandrine T, Topsecretary Founder